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Constant Change

Constant Change

October 10, 2022

Now that we are slowly coming out of the COVID pandemic we can look back and acknowledge some changes we have all made as a result.  Many have chosen to retire completely, changed jobs to something that allows them to work full time from home or redirected careers altogether.  Priorities have been realigned.  Time with family and friends is even more important.  Taking advantage of online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery services for all sorts of goods and services is now the norm. 

While last year’s market performance was positive, this year’s market volatility has been very unsettling for most investors.  It is a good time to remember that this volatility is a normal aspect of long-term investing. The attached piece is a reminder that the market does recover from major world events. 
Putnam - Markets Recover from Crises

I like to remember that saying:  the one constant we can count on is change.

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