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Evolution of the Game

Evolution of the Game

September 19, 2022

Sorry for missing an edition for you a couple of weeks back.  I was finishing my golf season with a college buddy at a member-guest.  We came up a little short, but it was a fun way to wrap up my competitive golf season.  Filling the competitive fix with broadcasting now!


My friend and colleague Mike Roozeboom is a big tennis fan and the US Open was recently contested.  Serena Williams announced that this would be her last competition, but she didn't want to use the word retirement.  She didn't think the word was modern enough and preferred evolution.  She is evolving away from tennis to other things that are important to her.


It's a useful way of thinking about financial planning.  Old school thinking was that retirement was a finish line.  What if we thought of it as the next phase or chapter?  People are retiring younger and healthier than in years past, so as the timing changes, it stands to reason that the planning for it should change or evolve as well.  Whether you have transitioned to retirement already, preparing for it, or it's barely on your radar, it's always good to check those mile markers and make sure you are moving in the right direction.  


Please let me know what you think.  Love to hear from you and thank you for reading along!!